The Space Age Connoisseur | Verner Panton | Wavechoppa Bath Mats

The Space Age Connoisseur | Verner Panton | Wavechoppa Bath Mats

The genius at work.

What some may call the pioneer of the Mid-Century Modern movement, Verner Panton created waves of disruptive furniture to the industry starting from the 60s. His influence is still clear and inspiring designers up to this day. The Danish man was not only a successful designer, but created a few furniture processes we use today. He was capable of creating environments with his designs. With his diligence and nifty use of colors of the same hue, he encapsulated interiors that gave the person in the room and unforgettable experience.

Some of Pantone’s documented sketches of his iconic Panton Chair, at the time called the “S” Chair.

Like many designers from his time, Panton attempted to create one-piece plastic chair and was the first to succeed. After years of trial and error, his iconic Panton Chair was finally released to the public in 1967, creating an historic moment for design. It was produced by Vitra in fiberglass, and was instantly turned into a symbol of the liberation- representing the cool, funky, freedom, and sex appeal of the 60s, with its eye-catching, inviting, and wavy, form. It was just right to conceive the human body. 

He used ideals inspired by the Space Age and psychedelic culture. His innovation bred freedom in corporations, homes, and interior spaces everywhere. He set a whole new bar for designers globally. His designs were translated into everyday household products all the way into high-end luxury niche hotels. 

It is clear that Panton’s influence is uncanny and left a mark in the design world in which he still inspires today. Many designers from all different industries still coin inspiration from his designs and prints, allowing beauty and color into our everyday lives. The Wavechoppa That’s So Panton collection is inspired by the Danish mastermind and is available for purchase to use in your living space. Don’t be predictable and stay true to the Panton ideals and get your own exclusive piece today. Shop now!

Wavechoppa’s Bathmat from the That’s So Panton collection

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