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About Us

bath mats and rugs


Graffiti. Street life. The Underdogs. Urban Style & Fashion. These are few of the ideals that represent the Wavechoppa lifestyle. Each product is created with careful attention and research into the way our modern world shapes our perceptions, and how our views, in turn, transform the old world into the new. 

A true Wavechoppa design has no trouble keeping up with the trends. Each collection and item tells a partial story, allowing viewers to fill in the gaps with their own artistic will and aesthetic intention. We believe in setting trends and generating the waves, not following them. We represent and design for the ones without a voice -- those unique, unheard individuals with a style and interpretation of the world that is just begging to be seen.

We adapt to each tide that comes our way, riding out the ebb and flow of each wave. That is the Wavechoppa way of life. When you receive your Wavechoppa product, it is more than just the product itself. It is made for you specifically -- everything you believe in, everything you surround yourself with. You are letting yourself and the world know that everything is already inside of you -- we’re just helping you manifest it into your life.

Always looking to integrate tradition and the future, Wavechoppa was founded on the ideology that it is okay to break the rules and make your own waves- no matter what people say and expect of you. Wavechoppa was intended for people to have something different and stimulating incorporated into their everyday lives, shattering the boring and conventional so that only the modern and uplifting remains.  

Stay fresh and stay wavy with Wavechoppa.