Jackpot Throw Pillow


Jackpot Throw Pillow

Rake in your winnings with the Jackpot Throw Pillow, an exclusive Wavechoppa design. The double-sided checkered pattern will cast a unique spot-light on any room, and the mildew and water-resistant casing will keep your winnings secure. The 100% spun-polyester throw pillow offers lumbar support and also comes with a removable, 100% polyester stuffing pillow for your convenience. Best of all, the concealed zipper maintains a seamless finish, making this jackpot truly one-of-a-kind! Say good game and win big with the Jackpot Throw Pillow!


-  100% Polyester cover

-  100% Removable insert

- Concealed zipper

- 14”x20”