The Irrefutable Waves of Pixels | Wavechoppa Bath Mats

The Irrefutable Waves of Pixels | Wavechoppa Bath Mats

What do pixels have anything to do with bath mats and pillow throws? Pixels are elements that are normalized and used in our everyday lives. But, have you ever stopped and wondered if you know what your eyeballs are actually viewing? At the most basic level, you are staring at a cluster of pixels on a digital screen, like you are now. The term "pixel" is actually short for "Picture Element." (Think pics + element- hence, pix-el). These small little dots are what make up the images on computer displays. The screen is divided up into a matrix of thousands or even millions of pixels. Pixels are the necessary ingredients that make the process and production of our one of a kind Wavechoppa bath mats, phone cases, and graphics.
The exact origin of pixels are quite a mystery, considering the fact that the emergence of pixels reaches far beyond just digital screens and prints. Humans have been using the concept of pixels since Ancient Roman mosaics, Mexican Huichol beadwork, and even medieval cross-stitching embroidery. These and many other artisan processes all fall under the category of pixel art.
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Pointillism was originally a painting technique that is compiled of small colored dots to “trick the eye” into seeing a blend of colors into an image- using little dots that your eye collate together. The screen can have hundreds of pixels for every inch, blending the colors smoothly. Could Van Gogh, Claude Monet, George Seurat, Paul Signac, and many other great painters of this movement have been some of the greatest pixel artists of all time? 


George Seurat, On the Island of La Grande Jette


Water Lilies, Claude Monet, 1919

Starry Night Over the Rhone, Van Gogh, September 1888


Nowadays, pixel art takes a whole new meaning. Due to advancements of modern technology, the capabilities have gone far beyond our imagination. Video-games, animation, photography, typography, graphics, and so much more have progressed exponentially. Presently, it is hard to even distinguish that certain graphics are compiled from pixels anymore. But as the pendulum swings, humans are naturally drawn to nostalgia, this could be the contributing factor as to why pixel art is making such a large comeback. Although we think that it is far beyond that. For a generation attracted to minimalism, maximalism, avant-garde and many more; pixel art somehow seems to match the threshold of it all- the lightness, the color, the simplicity, it can be so alluring.. Or maybe it just reminds some of their childhoods. Many artists apply their pixel designs to pillows, bath mats, face-masks, just about anything now thanks to the advancements of technology. The last few years pixel art has made a huge comeback, creating and reinventing the origins of pixel art from the 90s with a modern twist.

At Wavechoppa we appreciate the history of our modern advancements and celebrated the most simple form of art with our newest collections that are inclusive to throw pillows, phone cases, bath mats, and much more. We pay attention to the history of art and do our research because we want to know the waves before us and the ones that come next. Don’t be boring, we believe that anybody can become a modern art connoisseur of all types. Especially with our products, that is the entire ideal of Wavechoppa bath mats, pillows, and phone cases. Set your own waves with some of our newest releases honoring the process and history of pixel art. Shop our products which we compiled with the usage of pixels here!



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