The Minimalist Yet Maximalist Maestro | Frank Stella | Wavechoppa Bath Mats

The Minimalist Yet Maximalist Maestro | Frank Stella | Wavechoppa Bath Mats

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Frank Stella, born in Massachusetts was an American painter who became a leading master in the Minimalist movement. Later on in his path, he became known for his abstract shaped works and multimedia reliefs. 


Stella was known for developing a minimalistic style that refuted the emotional aspect of abstract expressionism. He was one of the first painters that branded a Minimalist for his view of art as an end in itself. He rebelled against all ideals of abstract expressionism during it's peak of popularity; although he derived inspiration from artists from this movement like Jackson Pollock. His earlier works were monochromatic and painted in black. His development as an artist is interesting because later on his career, Stella shifted to more use of vibrant colors, shapes, and organic forms. The artist called his evolution from Minimalism to Maximalism. 

 He was interested in Barnett Newman's color field experiments and Jasper Johns' target paintings. Stella considered his paintings objects instead of a representation of something physical or emotional. He said that a painting was "a flat surface with paint on it, nothing more."

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