Bathroom Mats & Bathroom Rugs

People need art in their houses so get your exclusive and modern design of Wavechoppa bath mats here. Discover our extensive collection of unique bath mats and rugs. 

Ditch the boring and get the bold.

Also, did we mention we have collections of Pillows?

Bath mats are essential pieces of your home’s furnishing and it is something you don’t want to be without. The soft warmth between our toes when stepping out of the bath or shower is assured when using a Wavechoppa bath mat. Bathroom mats and rugs make your living space cozy and adds a cool flair to your home decor. The secure friction from the backing keep our feet safe and from slipping on wet floors. The pop of colors from our exclusive designs add style to the room. In the end, a bath rug and bath mat keep your bathroom more warm, safe, and cozy. Our collection of bathroom mats provide an easy method to add a dash of color and vibrance to your space, while keeping the room clean and dry. Choose between simple modern styles or vivid unique patterns. We have a variety that can suit bathroom and home decors with designs of any kind.

Where to place a bath mat
There are two key places where bath mats bathroom rugs are needed, no matter the size or layout of your bathroom.
The first one is in front of the shower or tub, this is an area that gets exposed to a lot of water. Placing a bathroom rug and bath mat here avoids slipping on soapy water, helps keep the floors dry, and most importantly keeps your bathroom safe.

The second place is in front of your sink. This gives your feet something warm and cozy stand on when brushing your teeth before bedtime, or while doing your makeup in the morning. Many of our customers choose to use the bath mat beyond the bathroom, you can place it on the side of your bed so you have cozy mat to wake up and perch your feet upon while adding decor to the room, or even by the kitchen sink.
In some smaller bathrooms, one bath mat or bath rug can cover both places. Coordinate your room décor by matching your mat’s with Wavechoppa’s other essentials including shower curtains,
throw pillows, and more.

How to take care of your bath mat
Many of our bathroom mats are lightweight, meaning they will dry fast. This means that you won't have to step on a damp mat many hours later. You can read our blog post on how to maintain your bath mats and bathroom rugs 
However, since bath mats are exposed to a lot of moisture, we recommend that you to also let it rest from its' duties from time to time. Wash the mat on a regular basis and give it a chance to get completely dry before putting it back on the floor. This way, you ensure that your bathroom rug will look brand new and maintain its softness for longer. A great tip is to double up on a mat you like. This way, you'll always have a fresh rug in your bathroom while the other one is in the washing machine.