One of a kind designed pillows that light up any space. These are exclusive Wavechoppa pillow designs that will add some flair to your room at an affordable price. Shop for your pillow throw now! Oh, and did we also mention that we have matching unforgettable Bath Mats as well?

Finding your couch bit dull? Is it not as soft as when you bought it? Just add some Wavechoppa throw pillows! They’ll turn your room from bland to cozy in an instant. You will immediately get a softer impression of not just your sofa, but the entire room as well.

On top of that, our throw pillows are incredibly adaptable. They’ll fixate your back when you curl up on the sofa with a book and a hot cup of tea. They’ll take the strain of your neck as a headrest when you watch your favorite series. They’re great building blocks for when you help your kids build the world's best pillow fort. Plus, you can put them on the floor to use as seat cushions when all other seats are occupied.

Couch throw pillows make for great interior details and decor

Pillows and cushions are a simple way to brighten up any couch, and the rest of the room as well. They’ll add warmth and softness, and they can be an impactful interior detail if you work with contrasting colors. Make sure to vary the size of the cushions as well, for the best results. 

How to breathe new life into long-loved couch cushions

To really create a striking impression, make sure to properly fluff up your pillows before arranging them on the couch.

The classic method is to gently push and pat the pillows on all sides. They will quickly become fluffy again. However, they won’t get a proper shape. So, the next step is to hit them straight from above to get a sort of folded top edge. And if that’s not good enough for you, you can go all the way and press both sides together as well. Giving them that three punch fluffing will result in a significantly more distinct shape. It’s a classic trick often used by interior stylists.

We spend quite a few hours of our lives on the couch. This is where the coziness in front of the TV takes place. Or the weekend naps with the kids. It’s where we hang out with our friends and family. Or have those late and lazy Sunday morning breakfasts. You want to be able to get the most out of your throw pillows, without having to worry about a little spill or wear. Our pillows are all washable so your can remove the covers and toss them straight into the wash on a delicate setting.